7 Best Tools to Automate Your Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing success is an outcome of unremitting efforts, where a single comma (rest) can let you survive, but not period (full stop). Every module of digital marketing is wholesome of repetitive tasks which sometimes look like a tedious process for employees to work on. When it comes to social media marketing, marketers involve in more tedious works. But social media automation make the tasks easier than ever to get done.In fact, automation in any field is driven by tools and technologies. Social media marketing automation is not

In fact, automation in any field is driven by tools and technologies. Social media automation is not an exception of that. So here I am listing out some of the best social media automation tools that can accelerate your social media marketing efforts, by saving time and money.

Today all sorts of companies in the digital field are harnessing the power of social media automation with the finest tools available in the market to reap the real benefits from SMM automation.

7 Top-notch Tools for Social Media Marketing Automation

  1. Agorapulse (agorapulse.com)

agora pulse - social media automation tool - beta compression

Agorapulse is not just one of the best social media marketing tools in the market, but it also greatly works as a social media management tool.

You will get 2 in 1! The tool lets you schedule content and organizes it in an editorial calendar. You can even set time for your updates to go out and schedule your contents as well. Depending on your preferences, the tool will automatically re-publish contents.

Agorapulse has focused on your followers as well. It automatically qualifies your followers. Also, it can help you identify any influencers on your list.

  1. IFTTT (ifttt.com)

IFTTT - social media automation tool - beta compression

IFTTT is a collection of many amazing social media automation features.

Some of them are listed below:

  • Shares new WordPress posts to your Facebook page
  • Tweets your Instagram as native photos on Twitter
  • Shares your Instagram photos on your Facebook page with a hashtag
  • Saves Facebook photos you’re tagged into your own album
  • Posts your tweets to Facebook when you use a specific hashtag
  1. Post Planner (postplanner.com)

postplanner - social media automation tool - beta compression

 Post Planner holds a bunch of great social media automation features. It allows you to discover amazing contents, as well as, you can create content streams with your own content. The algorithm it is built on finds the best post timings for your content. And also it automatically republishes your most popular contents.

  1. Buffer (buffer.com)

buffer - social media automation tool - beta compression

Buffer automatically publishes your better contents to your social profiles. It allows you to add your all contents to its queue and publishes it automatically at the best possible times. It automates your tasks on all major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Pablo, another tool by Buffer, lets you create eye-catching images to add to social media posts.

  1. MeetEdgar (meetedgar.com)

MeetEdgar - social media automation tool - beta compression

MeetEdgar allows you to schedule all of your social media content and organize it by category. You should create categories and add the content to the queue. You can use the content calendar to customize postings times so that it can automatically re-publishes all your content. What makes it special is its organizing functionality. It looks great when you need to add updates to multiple social networks.

  1. SocialOomph (socialoomph.com)

agora pulse - social media automation tool - beta compression

SocialOomph lets you schedule your blog posts, so it can automatically publish them. The tool also provides follow back and auto-DM features for Twitter users, which can enable “mimic follow” to your tweets. The tool also lets you create automated social updates from RSS feeds.

  1. Social Flow (socialflow.com)

SocialFlow Logo

Social Flow works in a similar way to Buffer or PostPlanner. You have to add all your content in a queue, set your preferences for scheduling post updates and sit away. Social Flow will take care of the remaining tasks. It posts updates at the best possible times on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. They also have an impressive social media advertising platform.


Social media marketing is facile when you have polished tools. Hope this post made you feel good. Choose the best tool of your preference depending on your business category, audience and value it creates.